Université de Bordeaux


Driven by case-based teaching, this workshop focuses on basic neuroscience concepts and methods. Short lectures and two series of 10 mini-projects complement the training, which is based on experiments in groups of maximum three students, followed by oral presentations of each project.

Hands-on experiments through mini-projects covering questions and techniques used in modern neuroscience research laboratories will take place throughout the two week session. Topics covered will include:

› Cell biology and imaging (confocal, super-resolution microscopy)
› Molecular and cellular biology, transcriptomics
› In vivo surgery, gene transfer
› Anatomy, brain clearing, connectomics and electron microscopy
› In vitro electrophysiology and optogenetics
› In vivo electrophysiology and imaging
› Behavior (rodents, etc.)
› Human neuroscience
› Neurocomputation

The summer school also benefits from a varied social program, including a Gala dinner allowing participants to meet and network with internationally  renowned speakers and other cohort members.

Program may be subject to change.