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Université de Bordeaux

Why choose us?

Bordeaux Neurocampus is a vibrant international community of neuroscientists that includes 50 research groups, over 700 scientists, and the Bordeaux School of Neuroscience.

These world-recognised research teams address topics covering all fields of modern neuroscience, including the complexity of brain functions and diseases with complementary expertise, high-resolution imaging and cell biology of the neuron, animal and human behaviour and cognition, physiology of neural networks, sensorimotor information processing, mechanisms of neurodegenerative and mental disorders, neuroinflammation, as well as addiction and the links between nutrition and the brain.

Multidisciplinary, technological approaches and multiscale analyses are employed at the molecular, cellular, systemic, behavioural and clinical levels.

The Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, experienced in hosting the international CAJAL courses, offers participants optimal experimental conditions within the framework of a real research laboratory. The school is equipped with a wet lab, an in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology room, information and technology facilities, a standard cellular imaging room, and a behavioural animal facility.